The Gator Collective Mission

The Gator Collective’s mission is to provide fans with exclusive access to, and experiences with, their favorite Gator athlete. By providing these experiences, it allows The Gator Collective to compensate athletes for their name, image, and likeness (NIL).

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How Does The
Gator Collective Work?

By committing to The Gator Collective, you are committing to your favorite Gator athletes. Fans commit to a monthly pledge, starting at just $5.99/month, and those pledges allow The Gator Collective to pay Gator student-athletes to provide fans with exclusive content. This includes autographs, interviews, social media content, appearances, and other fan engagement opportunities.

Our Story

On July 1, 2021, the game changed. Intercollegiate athletes are now permitted under Florida law to earn compensation for the use of their name, image, and likeness (NIL). Former UF baseball player Eddie Rojas saw this as a huge opportunity for Gator fans to level the playing field when it came to opportunities available for both current and future Gator athletes. Determined to get ahead of our rivals, Eddie put together a team of Gator fans to help build The Gator Collective.

Eddie Rojas and his wife, Kelli, provided the initial capital contribution to get The Gator Collective up and running. NIL lawyer Darren Heitner was retained to provide legal counsel and ensure all operations comply with NIL law. Countless pro bono hours were put in by the team behind the scenes to launch. Our first athlete signed to NIL deals was Zach Carter. Since that time, the number of athletes has continued to grow as have the sports represented. This is just the beginning.

What Makes Us Different?

The Gator Collective is not simply a broker for NIL deals. The Gator Collective provides the tools and resources to allow the student-athletes to succeed in this new business world.This includes connecting the student-athletes with professionals in various industries to assist them with public relations, marketing, finance, tax, and community service. We’ve all heard the phrase, “Gators help Gators”, and TheGator Collective is a clear example of that playing out.

Gator alumni and fans have provided an outpouring of support and offered time and services to help grow The Gator Collective. We appreciate your support and welcome the opportunity to answer questions. We also welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at

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Athlete Advisory Board

Ben Troupe
Cornelius Ingram
Johnny Rutledge
Ahmad Black
Shannon Snell
Tim Beauchamp

The Gator Collective AdvisoryBoard was formed to review financial data and athlete agreements to ensure member funds are used efficiently and effectively to benefit the athletes. The Advisory Board also provides leadership and guidance to the student-athletes on the myriad of issues they may face as they develop their brands. We appreciate these Gator greats for serving on the Advisory Board.


What percentage of pledges go to the athletes?

Between 85-90%. Our overhead costs are very low since much of the work is being done pro bono. The GatorCollective has one hourly employee to assist with administrative and bookkeeping matters. We have retained legal counsel to ensure compliance withNIL law, and we have other expenses related to IT, marketing materials, content creation (photography and videography), and fan engagement experiences. The goal has always been, and will continue to be, to get the most lucrative NIL deals to the athletes. Our Advisory Board was created to reassure the fans that this is happening.

Are all contracts the same? Is the money divided up equally?

No. The contracts vary based on the specific athlete and the requirements of the athlete under the contract. For example, an athlete who appears in person at a fan engagement event would earn more compensation than an athlete who posts on social media. Additionally, higher profile athletes may receive more compensation than lesser-known athletes. Each deal is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the athletes and The Gator Collective.

Are the contracts exclusive with The Gator Collective?

No. The contracts are intentionally not exclusive. We want the athletes to have the opportunity to do the most they can in this new NIL world. In fact, we promote their deals with other groups and businesses on our social media.

What happens if an athlete transfers or otherwise leaves the program?

The agreements are limited in time and scope to provide protection for member funds in the situation where an athlete may transfer or no longer participates in the athletic program. The agreements can’t be canceled, but we specifically structure the agreements to minimize these risks.

Is The Gator Collective affiliated with the University of Florida?

While The Gator Collective exists exclusively for the benefit of Gator athletes and fans, it is not affiliated with the University of Florida. It is a third party created to work with Gator athletes.

Are you able to sign recruits to NIL deals?
No.NIL law prohibits compensation paid to athletes to encourage attendance at a particular institution. The Gator Collective welcomes the opportunity to work with the athletes once they are enrolled.

‍What’s the best way to keep up with The Gator Collective?

While we send out periodic emails to our members, our Twitter and Instagram pages are the best way to obtain the most current information about our athletes and our operations.

Am I able to make a one-time contribution?

Absolutely. We accept contributions from both individuals and businesses. Please contact us at

Are there different levels of access based on the amount my pledge?

No. Every fan's situation is different. If we all do what we can, the collective impact can be huge. Do what works for you, and you still get full access.

I’d like to obtain autographed memorabilia or personalized content. Can you help with that?

Yes. We can work with you to arrange specific NIL deals with the athletes.

I’d like to create an NIL deal for a player to represent my business. Can you do that?

Yes. We have the framework set up to facilitate these types of opportunities for businesses. We can help with the creative media and all agreements have been reviewed by legal counsel to ensure compliance with NIL laws.

How can I get more involved?

If you would like to help promote the mission of The Gator Collective or donate services to our organization, please contact us at This is a team effort, and we appreciate any help we can get!

How do I cancel?
Simple and hassle free! Login to your member dashboard and click on Profile. Then click on update my profile. You will see a tab for membership in the top left of the pop up with your membership details. Click on cancel and your membership will be canceled. If you have any issues, you can always email us as well and we will be happy to help you.