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It’s a new era of college athletics. Fans want to support and interact with their favorite athletes. The athletes want to engage the fans and grow their brands. Both sides are unsure how to make it happen within the confines of NIL law. That’s where The Gator Collective comes in.

The Gator Collective provides fans with exclusive access to, and experiences with, their favorite athletes while allowing the athletes to earn compensation for their name, image, and likeness. At the heart of it, The Gator Collective unites fans with athletes.

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Get a chance to win an Autographed Gator Football

Exclusive Interview-Keon Zipperer

Join our exclusive interview with Keon Zipperer

The Gator Family Series

Join us for an interview with Gerald Mincey and his grandmother


Get a chance to win an Autographed Gator Football

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Anthony Richardson

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How do the players benefit from your support?

Can you imagine a place where college players could train, pay tuition and basically be full-time students without having to worry about expenses? That's exactly what the Gator Collective hopes to achieve. Your commitment will help young athletes financially and provide as a recruitment tool for future players.

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